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Capturing the moments, 

that last a lifetime


“Your photos looked great!

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My love of photography started in the early eighties, where I got started by learning to work with the 35mm camera and developing black and white film. As times have changed and technology has developed, I have continued grow through both my professional work and by taking classes with professional photographers of America (PPA).

Photography is more than just a hobby for me. It allows for me to document and capture your most precious moments that you can cherish for a lifetime, and in turn share the joy that photography can bring.

Every wedding is special to me. My goal is to create beautiful imagery for every client that takes them back to the feelings they experienced on their wedding day. The photos I capture for my clients are so much more than just a time capsule. They are little moments in time that allow you to relive every special feeling and to truly reminisce about how it was.



Roland Gilmer

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